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Frequently Asked Questions!

Yes, they are designed to be discrete and unrecognizable as an external sex toy, they are also designed to hold resistance up to 10 lbs so they had to be made sturdy.

Yes, for anyone who is curious about bondage but would like the safety and security of being able to “breakaway when I say”, the clamps provide enough resistance to feel like they are in bondage.

Yes, Breaking Bondage is compatible with most bondage toys. The box includes two carabiners that can attach restraints, ties, ropes, under garments, or any of the accessories available in our Private Shop.

Some slick surfaces may be challenging if they’re thin. Make sure to use at the 90 degree angle.

The clamps are allowed as a carry on, however you may want to check with your airline first before you risk your toys being confiscated.

The breakaway side was designed as a means of egress.

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