Starting 2018 off right…With a budget

If you’re like me, the last thing you probably want to do after the holidays is start a budget. Between the shopping, travel, family obligations, and work in between, most of us fortunate enough to have a few days off wanted to spend that time relaxing. You can add me to that list. Why in the world would I want to miss the opportunity to finally catch up on my favorite shows by crunching numbers? Ugh! However, I began to think: I’m about to become a homeowner. While I do have current expenses, I can no longer call up property management to fix my

broken washer or replace the heating and air unit. That responsibility will soon be on me and will come directly out of my wallet. Of course I already knew this. Anyone that’s in the process of buying their first home or are already homeowners know just how expensive it can be. But sometimes the best way to get yourself in gear financially is to really take a moment to look at the cold, hard facts. That’s very similar to what budgeting is. We know we have to pay rent, mortgage, gas, groceries, etc. every month, but when you actually write everything down, that’s when reality hits: I need to get it together! Continue reading Starting 2018 off right…With a budget

Credit Cards: Can They Actually Work for You?

Credit cards have become a bad word in some parts of the personal finance world and especially when talking about becoming financially independent. But are credit cards as evil as we’ve all made them out to be?  Of course we’ve all heard and seen stories about the damage credit cards have done to many people’s lives, some of it devastating to see (I highly recommend watching the documentary Maxed Out, a brilliant film that captures the heartbreak and turmoil these pieces of plastic can cause).  No doubt these instruments of convenience can create great financial ruin if not used in the right manner, but what happens if you do? Continue reading Credit Cards: Can They Actually Work for You?

Join me on the journey!

Hello world!  Welcome to my blog, Breaking Bondage.  My name is Crystal and I hope that you decide to join me on my journey where the ultimate end goal is financial freedom.  I plan to share my current situation (in the process of buying my first home!) to a hopeful future of being financially independent.  I’ll share my own personal money saving tips as well as my successes and failures along the way.  Note: I am not a financial adviser, but I’ve always had a passion for wanting to escape the rat race of the 9-5 work week and not having to live paycheck to paycheck.  Something about being your own boss and having the ability to set your own schedule has always been my ultimate dream.  I love what I do for a living, but I feel like I can do more to make my dreams come true.  So many of us work long, hard hours only to end up giving our hard earned money to someone else.  What would it feel like not having to pay anyone each month?  No car payments.  No student loans.  No credit card debt.  No mortgage.  It sounds too good to be true, but breaking the chains of debt bondage is possible!

I hope to also inspire you along the way, whether it be by deciding to start a blog, open your own business,  getting out of debt, or eliminating your monthly cable bill, I’ll feel my work and time has been a success when I hear about your success.  Let’s get started!