Breaking Bondage

Break Away When I Say
No Safe Words Needed

End Your Fears of Bondage

Allow someone to have you and experience a different level of yourself. Feel safe and secure knowing that you are in control.

To You, you secret 50 shades reader…
I thought of You.
The person willing to explore boundaries.
To the limit.
But what is the limit?
Allow someone to have you
Experience a deeper level of yourself
Feel safe & secure knowing you’re still in control
You ALLOW it to happen


How it Works

Breaking Bondage can be used in where ever your sexual desire takes you and insure comfort during the bondage experience. The two-inch clamp attaches to most surfaces, while the carabiners will attach to the included ribbons or many of our custom-made accessories.

The magnet, that has ten pounds of pressure, which can be pulled away from the clamp whenever you want or need too. So now empower yourself, mentally and physically. Escape with the newest bondage toy that allows you to feel safe.

Breaking Bondage fits most surfaces with a two inch opening to attach. For the best results, attach the clamp with a pull direction less than 90 degrees towards the nose of the clamp to reduce the clamp from slipping during use.

The versatile clamps can be used in the privacy of your home or easily packed discretely for any travel. With more people staying at home these clamps will spark up your sexy time.

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